Fighter jets “escorts”

Infinite Flight needs to do something about these people in fighters jets. It’s gone past escorting and now it’s just harassing and it’s really ruining the experience here. It’s happening more and more lately.
Bring back the report feature!

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I understand this frustration but bringing back the user report feature for pilots will only cause chaos, trolls and spam.

Out of curiosity, what server did this happen on? If this happened on Expert server, PMing the moderators and letting them know would be the best course of action as they can join the server and take a look at what is happening.

If this is happening on training server, unfortunately nothing can be done because as the name suggests the training server is for training before moving into expert server.

Expert server. I’m fine if you want to do that on training or casual but we pay good money for this app and we can’t do anything about this reoccurring issue.

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I completely agree with you, it is better suited for casual/training because you can have more fun and the expert server is more expert/more strict.

At this point it is too late to message the moderators but next time it happens just send them a PM.

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