Fighter Jet tutorial for use of A/P?

Well since autopilot has arrived for fighter jets I have been flying to nearly everywhere, but one concern I have is that there has been no tips or tricks, or even guides on flying and limits while doing so Or at least none that I have sawn before.So could anyone make a chart or some guide including take-off, landing speeds, crosswind landing guide and possibly a landing tutorial for those who find it tricky to land fighter jets, etc.?

Confused for if this should be in features or support?
Do anyone else think including a fighter jet tutorial would be nice to add?

  • Yes, this idea would be nice to add
  • No, this idea sucks (Although thanks for the effort)

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Please leave #support for Infinite Flight support issues only like app crashes :).

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Thanks, M8.Well appreciated

I don’t think a poll is needed here since we already have the votes on the top left corner of the screen

How could i remove the voting box from this post?

Is it me or this post was in Features? I mean that is the reason of my previous comment


I would like a tutorial on how to takeoff and landing fighter jets. I have mastered how to land commercial and GA planes but fighters are nearly impossible for me.

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