Fighter jet stunts

Stunts are allowed so far as it’s not near an airport. You can accrue acrobatic violations if you’re near one, though a warning will come before you get the kick though.

Fly-bys depends on the airport, as well as the controller if there is one at the time of the fly-by. Some may allow them, some may not. I strongly suggest you communicate with the controller if possible before trying something.

Escorting another plane should be done in a respectful manner. Don’t fly inside another plane, and ideally, go with a “flight of” callsign with to indicate that it’s a formation flight.

For more information about fighter et etiquette, please feel free to check this post out.

Not to mention, it’s best that this is all done on the Casual Server and not the Expert Server. Some people on the Expert Server might not want a fighter jet right on their tail, and getting caught out by violations can happen if you’re not careful.

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