Fighter Jet rules on Expert

I just received my first violation in years with the new F18. An aerobatic maneuver near an airport…(non controlled)
Can you guys list me the violations for fighter jets so this doesn’t happen again…

Thanks 👍


Violations include:

-Aerobatic Maneuver within 5 NM of Airport
-Ground Overspeed over 35 knots ground speed
-Airspeed Overspeed over 260 let’s below 10000ft (does not apply to fighters)
-Runway idle staying on the runway for over 60 seconds

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Not for jets

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You will be issued a level 2 or 3 if above 350 below 10000 on the expert server. That level 1 above is for commercial planes not fighters.

uh he did specify “For fighter jets”

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Well… it’s good to know all of the violation types.

Fighter Jet Rules | Expert Server - Live - Infinite Flight Community

Adding this in

Exactly! See above 👆!

Thanks for the input guys, I didn’t know about the within five miles of an airfield. 10+ years on IF and still learning… 😂

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95% of my violation count and still growing 😎

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Only if you’re flying in controlled airspace.

You are correct!

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