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We’ll attempt to address this at a later date. At this time ATC are expected to apply separation procedures and keep aircraft apart if they don’t have “Flight of __” in their callsign.


What does that mean


… you cant go faster then 350knots under 10.000FT whend ATC is there


It means that fighter jets flying below 10.000FT in ATC controlled airspace must not pass 350 KTS IAS


Oh thank you @Jw2004 @CptRuben

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RIP maneuvers and unrestricted climbs at military bases now 😂


@Tyler_Shelton will this be enforced by system or IFATC controllers? Does it apply if Center is active or only Tower/Approach/Departure?


If I’m getting this correctly, as soon as a frequency will open a NOTAM will be issued prohibiting Fighter jets flying @>350kias?

This will be enforced by controllers. We just ask that you use your best judgement. Controllers won’t, or at least shouldn’t, look to just target and report fighter pilots, but if the speed causes issues in their airspace (Center included), they could report


So if we go over 350KIAS do we get a Warning or a simple kick by ATC

Like it means when you take off don’t go over 350kias but when you are higher than 10 thousand you can go quicker

As the original post says, you will not get kicked and issued a violation by Atc unless you show disregard for the rules and no etiquette. However, that does not mean you can just speed around unsafely. If a controller instructs you to reduce your speed, remember you have to do so. Just use common sense and you will be ok. Controllers are prepared for what can happen with a surge of F-18 usage. Most often you will get a warning before a report, but if you fly using common sense, you have nothing to worry about.

How far away from an airport do you have to be to not get the aerobatics violation

within the airspace, shown on the map. Airspaces have different shapes depending on the airport.

I want same restrictions for FJ at Training, cuz im tired to see little Timmy on my wings, or behind me.
Or fighter jets that interfere with the control of air traffic.

If you want do stunts, and show how crazy you are, Welcome to CASUAL.

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Looks amazing Tyler! I am so excited! :)

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Glad to see this ! Unless in a MOA real military aircraft in controlled airspace are subject to “the rules of the aerial roads” and ATC like all aircraft.

Any Military Pilots or air crew please clarify if needed.


Will MOA areas be recognized ?

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And don’t buzz the tower!


Unfortunately, even if they did, the Training server is meant for Training purposes and there is no way to report. So, there would be no consequence.