Fighter jet request

Now that IF has Airbus380, can you now add the F-15 Eagle, it’s the ONLY U.S. fighter jet that has NEVER been shot down in combat yet the only jet Infinite flight doesn’t have, something wrong with that picture. I’m surprised this has to be begged for, c’mon guys let’s add this legendary aircraft.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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Hello. If you want to see addition of F-15 you can vote here:

Tbh the worst fear for controlling in training server is that there is always a fighter jet there and don’t listen to instruction at all, and your controller rating is too low u can’t even report

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Don’t understand this reply, was it meant for me, what’s a controller rating??

Agreed, that always was the worst, and even in ES you get jets that are being annoying, but are technically not doing anything wrong so you can’t report them. Also to OP, a controller rating is what determines whether or not you are able to control on the Expert server, so until you pass both IFATC exams you are an “observer” rank, which means you are allowed to control anything on the training server. Apprentice means you can control any C or D airport on the Expert server, Specialist is any airport in the world as a local (ground/tower) controller, Officer gives you the permissions of all the other ranks, along with radar permissions (approach/departure/center) and Supervisor gives you permission to open any mixture of local/radar you wish

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