Fighter jet most successful launch in IF

What´s your most successful fighter jet “launch”?
Just curious :)

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…what? “Launch”?

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What do you mean with “launch” in IF?

I think you are referring to the most successful release (launch) of a fighter in the infinite flight fleet. If I’d have to take an educated guess it would be the F22.

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Like rockets, ok?

Ok, im referring about like launching rockets, like, what was the most successful flight to space, ok

well, forget that, i´ll make another in another date

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Ah, I’ve never arrived to the space with a Fighter. Max altitude was like 60k

I’ve gone into orbit a couple of times.

My current record is 142,538 feet

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What happened after you reached that?

Did you fall back down to earth in a huge ball of fire and terror?

Sorry Im a little confused by “Launch”

Like a rocket.

Never really have done one I’d have to try it!

Have fun getting stuck in space!

Lmao thanks!!

nah, just hit the ground at Mach 4.1

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So you did fall back to earth in a huge ball of fire and terror. :)

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No, IF doesn’t simulate aerodynamic heating


I’ve managed going over 100M ft or even more. Can’t even remember. I couldn’t see the Earth. And the best part of it was that it was done in a TBM.

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@infiniteflight_17, In 2 words: you glitched