Fighter jet icon on Live map

Hi all, I’d like to ask if you liked the previous F18 icon on the live map? Or you like more F22 to refer to all fighters.

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  1. Never even noticed it had changed.
  2. I don’t really care that much
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Well Legacy F18 has his own icon… Right now it’s F22.

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I agree with Benny. It’s not a super major thing. I don’t think a whole lot of people will care.

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I never noticed it and I never will because to me they all look the same

I do agree with @Butter575 on this

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Dang this must be the “hate on fighter jet train”
I prefer to keep it the f22 @Shafran just a noticeable way to categorize the fighters in the air on the map.

im seeing all time so… im confused someway

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I’m confused where you said, “I’m seeing all time so”
Do you mean you are seeing fighters all the time or?

yes because flying VIP usaf only…

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Ok I understand now. Never really noticed the change from the f-18 icon to the f-22 but i do prefer the f-22 icon.
Also if you enjoy flying military on IF I’d check out GAF.

I was in GAF im alone flyer. I have my own topic about VIP flights, you can check it out

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It doesn’t matter that much. The 737 variants don’t have different icons for the different variants such 700/800/900. And if you see a fighter, they will usually show what type of fighter they are where their username is :)

I know but it was a cool feature with F18 their own Icon

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Maybe try making a feature request if you would like to see it added back in :)

mods when they saw request: BRUH

You only fly AF1? That’s crazy


im flying IRL themes. Like biden was arrived yesterday to Camp Hale and moved to LAX. So im flying it now

You don’t fly any commercial airlines?