Fighter jet group flight

Anyone want to hop on socal ts1 on any fighter and escort and or intercept any aircraft??? Use Fox,Bigfoot,Shark,or MadDog as your callsign! Spawn in any hanger in knkx i will take hangar 001 See you there! And by the way comment what callsign you’re using


Callsign:FOX-1 and comment the gate you’re using as well so you dont spawn on top of eachother too

EQ420 spawning on KSNA an SR22 with kilos of illegal downloaded music and movies hidden in the wings


I will be ready to intercept and shoot you down sorry buddy orders from the FAA And Norad!


Customs got me, didn’t event make it off the ground lol I’m on the train so my connection keeps crashing the app


Sounds great good Thing you did not get airborne haha i would of released 5 missles without clerance to fire

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Mad dog I will take, any specific aircraft

As long as its a fighter jet nope

I intercepted a person named sully and I followed him all the way to LAX


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