Fighter jet following

So someone I’m a f16 has decided to follow my plane at the same altitude so close and same speed and same destination why ? Because there bored or something but it’s just irritating

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Formation flight can be fun!

If the F16 has an IFC account you could send him a pm ;)

Unexpected escorts
You either enjoy them or hate them because that does not happen often

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I have never been escorted 🥲

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The more important matter is that why is someone escorting an F-16?


He probably intended to write “in a F-16”


this is not something unusual, especially on casual or training. On Expert this does not occur that often (based on my experience).
If they have their IFC account linked, just PM them and ask them nicely to leave. If you can’t contact them this way, just carry on and ignore them. Less convenient and will probably remain irritating, but there’s not much you can do.

@Ritesh321 : I think @Cdt_Aupetit is correct. I would assume the pilot was escorted by an F16. Regardless, it’s not always a bad thing but also not everyone’s cup of tea.

Maybe we could ask a regular to create a topic/Wiki of those users who do not wish to be escorted (and even one for those who don’t mind it as long as it is being executed professionally?). Could this solve the escorting issue?


At the moment I am doing a lot of formation flight with an F-22 I had only positive feedback on the IFC so I don’t really see it could bother especially as the comment above indeed it’s not every day that you will be escorted so it could be rather fun to be escorted after it’s my opinion but I don’t really see why it’s bothering

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Yes, but we all have to understand and respect that some people don’t like to be escorted/don’t want to be escorted at all.

Another thing to consider is that some people don’t actually know how to escort properly/professionally (or they just simply don’t care) and therefore the experience for the escorted pilot could be really bad. I used to escort a lot and also been escorted before.

Having a jet buzzing around/through you with 1000+kts isn’t great though. But a nice escort/formation flight can be a really great experience.

So, if there are people who don’t mind being escorted should also have a list so those who are on the learning curve and want to practice (or already know how to do it properly) could do so without causing annoyance! It’s a win-win!

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I want to be escorted by someone 😍 it more fun



I’m looking for people to fly with me because it’s complicated to fly in formation and watch the speed at the same time

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Great photos!

However… :D

I would recommend you to create your topic in #live as we went really off topic now.


I will do a formation flight, @over_974_flo

It’s like the friend @Stan7 said

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