Fighter Jet flying

Does anyone have any tips on flying fighter jets?

Or tutorials?

Steady hands, watch your thrust, enjoy the ride. Anything in particular you’re trying to do with it? I’'ve found that acrobatics and screen shots are great with them, not really very interesting to fly from airport to airport imho.

Tbh they are more interesting to fly airport to airport cus you get better views, and its all hand flying .

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That part is not interesting at all.

The fighters need autopilot.

How is hand flying LESS interesting then just sitting and watching the autopilot do all the work

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They’re often too twitchy and forget trying to land them with any precision without mangling your sensitivity settings.

Ain’t that hard

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Wouldn’t be that hard to implement AP on fighters either. 🙂

I can see your point, just not my cup of tea. I LOVE hand flying the commercial liners. I feel like I’m wasting the capability of the fighter by going airport to airport. Just my opinion. I agree 100% that hand flying is always way more interesting than A/P.

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I like being able to set my device down, who the heck wants to hold an iPad for two hours straight?

is there a reason why fighters don’t have autopilot? surely in the real world?

Probably because when they’re being shot. They can move with a faster reaction.

No armed planes in IF.

They have AP IRL, they should implement in IF as well.


Try watching takeoffs of fighters on YouTube and try to copy them. Also you have to pull up before 150kts or you will loose control.

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