Fighter Jet Escort on Air Force 2, Formation Flight

Background: A formation flight from Los Angeles to San Francisco that we had arranged. I wanted to go for the B757 this time rather than the B747, hence the callsign change to Air Force 2. We originally had 2-3 other A-10 aircraft that were going to join us, but nonetheless, it was an amazing flight.

Detailed Information: February 11th, 2021; Casual Server; 1 hour and 10 minutes of flight time; KLAX>KSFO.

Escort Aircraft: @T4ir5ty as Viper 16 / F-16
@BhuvanBruh as Lufthansa 999 / F-22
@United_1 as Eagle 3101 / F-18
@N916WK /F-18
(I, unfortunately, couldn’t find the names of the other aircraft that were with us at the beginning.)
I would like to thank them for their time, had a lot of fun, looking forward to flying with you guys again soon.


Formation takeoff from runway 24L.

Having some fun :)

Lufthansa 999 following close.

Taxiing to parking while Viper 16 comes in for a landing on runway 28L.


Im sorry I couldn’t finish the whole flight but it was fun escorting your plane.:))) you had a weird departure though😂.

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Haha yes, we had to turn back and do a loop around LAX to pick up the other A-10’s otherwise they couldn’t have caught up to us, didn’t know where they went after departing though

Ah I gotch you.


Always fun, lmk when you want to go up again. Thank you.

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Hey this is N916WK behind viper 16 I have some photos of take off from LAX
My phone rings at the same time I for some reason ran out of fuel sorry for dropping out had a great time…


Welcome to the community.

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So pretty! I always love seing formation flights, Ive only seen 1 in infinite flight when I flew a KC-10 around the UK with some friends


I like these shots ! 😊