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I crashed into the ground, and I was experimenting with a couple things in the F-16. Here is one thing I found:

How to Reproduce

  1. Open Infinite Flight.
  2. Spawn with the F-16 at any airport or region.
  3. Crash into the ground, without getting the crash message (hard to do).
  4. Move the throttle up and down.

Note: this happened with high winds.

Additional Info
iPhone 6
iOS 9.1
IF Version

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This happens with any plane if the plane hits the ground to hard when you try to land. The reason it won’t move: the gear is stuck in the ground and the aircraft can no longer move.

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I have only experienced the fighters get stuck in the ground. The video above is not trying to show that the fighter is not moving, but that that circle is spinning around everywhere even if the aircraft itself is not moving.

Ok I see what your saying. I don’t know why that happened but like I said before if you have a really hard landing that will happen even if the gear is not down.

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It happens on every aircraft, from the Super Decathlon to the a380.


@Henrik_B. Look at your gear toggle… Your gear is not extended! your sitting on your belly! Peanut!
Max Sends
(Not a bug moved to Generall)

I do it a lot with the f-22 but I did it once with the a-320 (crappy landing)

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