Fighter For Starters

I want to start flying fighters in IF. I stayed away from them for a long time but now I want to fly them.
So I wonder which fighter would be best to fly. Easy to slow and controllable. It would be nice to start flying them.

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Slowly make it up to the F-22

Mhhhh. Ok but the F-22 can get a bit uncontrollable.

Just don’t pull up too hard and you should be fine :)

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I highly recommend the F-14
The F-16 is okay but the rest are bad.

If you want a Calm Fighter use the F14

If your willing to do 5Gs than go with the F-22

Good luck!

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Ok how about this in Live. How would I be able to use this without getting violations.

Only F-14

Takeoff With Trust of 25

and then reduce to 10-15


Go to 10,000FT And have fun

Land around 140Knots

Ok then how about the F-16C. How good will it be used?

oh no no non no buddy

F-16 is just like the really improved F-18

ahhh ok the the F-22 is something I may not even never use.

I don’t have any problem with the F22 after I got used to it. I regularly fly it on advanced server.

Most easy to control is probably F14 followed by F18 and F16. The F22’s thrust vectoring is a different beast and takes some getting used to.

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Ahh ok then got it. 8U

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F-14 is the good one for the beginners, easy to control and fly around…

I prefer the F-16. You have to get it to 30%N1 before it goes anywhere though. Also you can’t taxi fast or it falls over. Apart from that if you land at the right speed and the correct weight it is a joy to fly (:

If you do fly the F-22 then go to 10,000 ft and above as you can then open the thrust to max or just go free flight if you want to be below 10,000 ft at max power

Yeah something isn’t right there. Too much friction.

F22 is easiest to fly. It has the most power so its easier to correct mistakes. The new rules for fighters is outside of airport airspace you can go as fast as you want. You dont have to be above 10000ft. Ive tried it with all fighters including the A10 on advanced.

F-16C? Brace for Tokyo Drifts!! xD


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