Fighter Flight @BGTL 101500ZAPR19

  • Aircraft and Livery: I will be in an F-16 cruise FL440 Mach 1.19

  • Route:BGTL - CYZS - KORD

  • Time of Departure: 1500z today

  • Server: expert

  • Additional Information:
    All welcome to join, looking for the addition of a tanker over CYZS at aprox. 1600z. You may depart form any airport as long as you can make the rendezvous time around 1600z. Make a right hand orbit in the area @ FL200 I will be flying callsign IAV302 (Infinite Airlines Virtual) Once visual contact is made resume Direct CYZS - KORD for refuel after all aircraft are refueled I will climb back up to FL440 and continue the flight.


Please request your tanker service here: Global ATC Request Thread || Request ATC Services

That looks like just ATC request on training server though? I’m trying to set up a group flight on the expert server with someone to fly a tanker midway.

Check this topic

How is that relevant @Liam_Kirk
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Please can you fix the tittle

I may be able to, I will let you know in about an hour if I can make it!

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This is a group flight, not a request for fuel.

It had tanker request on it

He changed it so all’ good

Yeah I can be there at 1600z, see you in a bit!

Awesome! Thanks

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How far away are you?

Hi there, I had a look on the map and you’re still pretty far away and it’s already 1630z so Im going to have to leave as I’ve got to go and do something, I’m sorry

Z time I’m showing it’s 15:40 right now. About 280nm from cyzs. If you can’t make it that’s fine we can stop for fuel at a neighboring airpot

Ohhhh sorry I’m thinking Zulu time is UK time but of course the clocks have gone forward here. That’s me being really stupid sorry hahaha

Hold on I’m flying out towards you!

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It’s fine no worries. Well actually now I had to run to the school real quick to pick up my son. It’ll be around 10mins or so before I get back. Thanks to autopilot. Lol

There is another F-16 I’m sure he will grab some fuel, I will turn around and afterburn back if your around.

I was hoping I could wait a bit longer but my lift has gotten here so I have to leave again, sorry I’ll have to make it up to you on another flight and actually get the timing right :(

I’m at 50% so I’ll keep on truckin’

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