Fighter Flight @BGTL 101500ZAPR19

  • Aircraft and Livery: I will be in an F-16 cruise FL440 Mach 1.19

  • Route:BGTL - CYZS - KORD

  • Time of Departure: 1500z today

  • Server: expert

  • Additional Information:
    All welcome to join, looking for the addition of a tanker over CYZS at aprox. 1600z. You may depart form any airport as long as you can make the rendezvous time around 1600z. Make a right hand orbit in the area @ FL200 I will be flying callsign IAV302 (Infinite Airlines Virtual) Once visual contact is made resume Direct CYZS - KORD for refuel after all aircraft are refueled I will climb back up to FL440 and continue the flight.


Please request your tanker service here: Global ATC Request Thread || Request ATC Services

That looks like just ATC request on training server though? I’m trying to set up a group flight on the expert server with someone to fly a tanker midway.

Check this topic

How is that relevant @Liam_Kirk
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Please can you fix the tittle

This is a group flight, not a request for fuel.

It had tanker request on it

He changed it so all’ good

Awesome! Thanks

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Z time I’m showing it’s 15:40 right now. About 280nm from cyzs. If you can’t make it that’s fine we can stop for fuel at a neighboring airpot

It’s fine no worries. Well actually now I had to run to the school real quick to pick up my son. It’ll be around 10mins or so before I get back. Thanks to autopilot. Lol

There is another F-16 I’m sure he will grab some fuel, I will turn around and afterburn back if your around.

I’m at 50% so I’ll keep on truckin’

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No worries man I understand! I wasn’t expecting to have to pick my kid up either so kinda threw me a curve ball in the mix.


Alright yea we have some fuel, most of these airports in this region are gravel / dirt strips. When we get further south might find a more suitable spot to splash some gas onboard.

Ayyyy Extender!

Yay! Did a 180 heading back to join up now.

Got that fuel just in time I was in the min fuel red zone haha


I definitely need to practice refueling. I only got a little because I didn’t want to keep screwing up. Some folks take this stuff very seriously!

Haha it was his first time as a tanker too. It’s one of those things that is a must practice time to time. You can join IAV if you want we use discord to communicate inflight. I stay pretty active and it would be nice to have others that are active as well.