Fighter Escort

I will be flying in the expert server from Djibouti airport to Ramstein AFB tomorrow in the C-17 at 11 am PST, and was hoping to get an F/A-18 escort through the Red Sea, and again once I get over European airspace. To keep the escorts flying the entire time over the Red Sea, support aircraft such as the KC-10 tankers will also be needed for refueling. Let me know if anyone is interested in escorting me. I think 3 pilots will be needed: 2 F/A-18 pilots and 1 KC-10 pilot.

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I will, as long as it’s not on the expert server

Unfortunately, it is. Sorry, I didn’t include that.

Just use a “flight of 2” suffix in your callsign.

Keep in mind that separation between aircraft will be pilots responsibility and the lead of the formation will be the one communicating with tower, others will only follow instructions :)

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Thank You.

Im based in Djibouti rn. I can prob help im F16 pilot. Also are you a GAF pilot?

No, but I’m considering applying. F-16s would also work.

Rodger that, I will see you at 11 if I can come

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I’m in the expert server right now, doing a run thru. If you want to fly up next to me, let me know. I’m flying by HEMA airport.

Cant, currently flying over djibouti for GAF missions

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Ok good luck out there.

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Why’d you reply to me?

I think cause you ware the last reply.

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I think I saw you take your c17 off earlier I was departing behind you in my F16 around 4:45 i think

Welcome to my home, Djibouti Ambouli or Chebeley Air Base bro

It might have been you I took off runway 28 and departed north. There was a F-16 that taxied and departed behind me.

Still need a KC-10 pilot

Thank you for the welcoming 🙏

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Can’t fly, just finished 9:30 in f16 and my phone needs a break. Also my mom told me to get off electriconics

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It’s all good

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