Fighter callsigns

What would a fighter planes callsign be? Just a GA callsign or Airforce XXXX?

I use Air Force. For IF purposes, that is probably best… GA callsigns are used way too much, instead of the correct commercial callsigns.

I’ve seen Callsigns like Titan, Viper, Maverick, Fox, and Iron with the number of the aircraft in the squadron after


Mine is sonic2. I just made it up. I also use it for GA planes too.

Pilot call signs and aircraft call signs are completely separate designations. Remember in Top Gun, Maverick’s aircraft call sign was Ghost Rider…

Found this in a Google search,

It looks pretty credible to me even though they speculate about the meaning of the numbers… So if you want to be realistic, a real world call sign according to this source would be something like “Devil 11” or “Voodoo 21” for IF’s F-22 from Langley’s first fighter wing.