Fighter Autopilot

Why do we not have autopilot in fighters in IF? Just lack of time and added them just for fun? Just wondering.


Most fighter Aircraft don’t actually have Auto Pilot in the way it’s implemented on Airliners/civil aircraft.
Some have a ‘hold altitude’ feature, they all vary though.

In addition to the real life aspect, Autopilot is incredibly detailed and involved to program for IF. It doesn’t just hold set parameters, it actually control’s flight surfaces as does a real plane. It’s therefore incredibly difficult to do and made harder by speed.
Take a 717 hit full throttle and switch AP on, beyond 400kts it struggles to sample and correct quickly enough to make corrections, and you end up with a nodding nose. So this problem would, due to aircraft maximum speeds be incredibly difficult to program for a fighters speed range.


Long story short: Not realistic so not gonna happen.

Best, Boeing707


I think it would be great if the fighter jets had auto pilot. I’d like to make some longer flights with these planes but no A/P makes it difficult.

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Doesn’t make much sense for them not to have it in the sim. I like the idea of it

If you work with Microsoft Flight Simulator X,you should see that even lockheed fighters have A/P! But i dont know why IF didn’t do this on f-14 or the way,A-10 is a fighter jet and it has a full auto pilot!

Just trim the aircraft properly. Pretty much does the same thing


We need this for escorts and stuff.

Trimming doesn’t do anything remotely close to A/P

If ya trim it right it will keep you in pretty much level flight without having to apply a heap of pressure to keep the nose up or down. So in that respect it is close to A/P imo.

autopilot for fighters is very good idea
and we are need more military planes

I know it is like, a year later, but whatever.

We definitely need this. In real life, fighter jets don’t fly manually when going from Europe to the United States, they use autopilot.

This would be a great feature for escorts and flying patrols along the regions.


Just recently started doing more F-16 flights, so i’m reviving this request lol 😁

This is one request I’m always waiting for thanks for bumping this up

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I’d love this feature.

This’d be a nice feature 👍🏻

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Would be very useful for escorts now we have the C-130 out.

Also, a altitude hold would be very grateful as speed is much easier to control

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Revive… They should at least get the altitude and heading hold. We’ll need it for our global flights around the world.

Need all autopilot functions.

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