Fighter armament options

I think it is time to show our fighter plabes a bit love. How about an option to change between different armaments?
Suggestion based on F18:
Option one: AirtoAir: 10 AMRAAM120C, 2 Aim9L
Option Bomber role: 2 AMRAAM120C, 2 Aim9L, 8 500kg GBU bombs or 4 Pavway VI
Option antiarmor: 2AMRAAM120C, 2 Aim9L, 4 Mavericks.


These are just a lind of suggestion. There is of course way more that can be added like targeting pods, fuel, andandand… What would you think about that?


And what would we use the armament for on IF? Shooting down other people’s commercial airliners? :-)


It’s just aesthetic, fir the cool looks. The current armament of HARMS, AMRAAMS, AIM9s bombs and pods and fuel tanks is kinda mixxed.


Yep, I understand (I don’t have any likes left) :-)

I remember that.

Back on topic

This would be a pretty fun feature. If we can do wingtips and engines, we can surely do ammo.

I’m all for this!

To avoid peanuts maybe?

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Good one :-)

@Nick_Art… Nick, speaking of Peanuts this Topic is on the cusp! I’d rather the Dev concentrate on upgrades not cosmetics. What say you. Max


This would be awesome just like having liverys for fighters it doesn’t have to do anything just look cool… However having a fighter server would also be awesome where you can choose your armament have aircraft carriers, radar warnings, missile lock warnings and possibly actual missiles. That way us fighter jet pilots don’t annoy ATC. Also having missile lock warnings and damage notifications means we can practice proper flying scissors and missile evasion rather than simply intercepting each other. @Maxmustang @Snarling_Raven you keen?

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F-18? Looks super awesome by the way.

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Isnt there already a mobile sim by the Rortos boys that does exactly all that? For peanuts too? Lol

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What you use other sims? Traitor! Ahh jokes I use it too. But it would be cool to go up against real people. @Snarling_Raven


Yes. Check topic ‘Global Flight’ for updates on our communication with Rortos.

KNUC at TS1:


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It’s actually an external fuel tank.

yes yes Yes YeS YES let’s do that! Maybe on a combat server?
Ps when I started this post I was only half serious but now I really want it.

Fortunately we’re living in a (more or, unfortunately less) peaceful world, where war should have no place, same should apply to IF, which is a flightsim and definitely not a war-game.

HAHAHA gosh… can u imagine that?

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This would be a very cool feature if live weaponry was added.