Fighter aircraft targeting system

Good evening IFC I hope you all are well. I wanted to share an Idea I had for the ability of fighter aircraft to target other fighter aircraft. first off know that I am military simmer I love the military aviation appeal that IF brings to the table, however they are missing a feature that would bring more attention to the military community and possibly attract more interest in the perspective of mil aviation specifically among the fighter community. I would like to see the implementation of a basic aircraft targeting recognition system. essentially it would be a tone that would come through the HUD of your fighter when you have maintained a lock on an aircraft. of course there would be restrictions to use of this for one, you would not be able to target civil or commercial aviation aircraft of any kind, it would be strictly against military aircraft only. It would also time out below 10,000ft and above active airspaces as not to interfere with any commercial traffic. It would also only be included in the aircraft systems display center with all the other actions meaning it has to be engaged manually much how it is in real life. you could program the acquiring tone to also only work within a maximum and minimum nm distance of targetable aircraft. Think of it as a laser tag system your military aircraft can be pinged only once certain requirements are met then the systems tab allows you to tag/lock on that aircraft and your notified via the solid tone once you have the lock. The acquiring tone would be a resonating beep to let you know your tracking onto on aircraft while the aircraft being tracked also has the same sound in their cockpit signaling a lock is being acquired or the lock has been made. I know its a long shot but to me why have fighters if you cant use them. I know my pieces are not all there on the implementation but this is a start and every beginning starts somewhere. so I leave it up to vote to the community I will attach a link to a short video clip of a default targeting acquirement and lock on tone.

like I stated a long shot but could bring more customer basis to the sim and satisfy many long term consumers as well. Thank you for your time and please feel free to ask any questions. If this request is not for you I get but just be respectful of the request not all of us like commercial not all of us like military but we are community and we are human.

Cheers IFC!

This has my vote! It will make fighters much more fun and realistic! Sadly I am out of votes having reached my limit. BUT Please count my vote for this!!!


This TOTALLY has my vote!!! Hopefully this will get some traction. I think this would be a TON of fun


This would be a ton of fun. It would also bring more attention to the military aircraft category. Love it. Count my vote.


I believe adding this would be awesome and then there would be no need for missiles. We could simulate dogfights during exercises in the GAF with this like in real world


Nice and professional idea. l like it.


Just giving this a bump! 2020 new year new fighter hopefully ;)


Not sure this is necessary at all. Pilots already have trouble with others hopping in F-22’s and doing verticals around them while they’re mid-flight. And that locked on sound would get annoying after a while.

I think it’s a fun and good idea for casual and possibly training server. Not expert.

I think it would only add to the initial problem of pilots hopping in F-22’s or other military aircraft and buzzing around other pilots. The server doesn’t matter.

Well is this strictly a professional sim? I honestly think there are two sides to this sim, hence the casual and the expert divide. Even I, a grade 4 pilot still hop on casual and love to buzz around doing low levels in the mountains and sometimes intercepting other aircraft.

If this sim didn’t have fighters, and allow people to fly them like fighters… I honestly would not be flying in this sim anymore.

Some people take it as a professional sim, so the answer depends on the person. That said, I don’t mind a fighter jet coming up on me and escorting me down. Looks pretty epic

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I agree with your concerns 100%. Because undoubtedly it would produce more people flying fighters. Which is why there would have to be limits on it in expert. But I agree with your points sir!

I mean, I’ll occasionally dope around in a fighter on training if I’m bored on IF. kinda fun do nosedive but pull back up at like the last second before crash

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I’ve mentioned this before, but a simulated system with no explosions or death involved would be a good idea. It would only be available to military aircraft and it would be possible to opt in or out at any time as preferred. Simulated weapons are an important part of training in the real world as it allows for aircrew to be subjected to realistic combat scenarios with any actual weapons being used. Adding this to IF would make it a simulation of a simulation. It would be… simulationception.


Someone needs to make a killer third party app for this. I’d buy it.


This is a great idea. I’d prefer the lock on sound to be the Aim-9 lock sound and when your locked on i think it would be cool to hear something close the the BF3 locked on sound.
Also I think that the lock on system should not be fire and forget but they must maintain a lock on the enemy.

That’s something I thought would be a good idea as well. It should be possible.

simulationception intensifies

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2 years later oh my… I just removed a vote to vote here but… fat chance?

So far the current vote is at (or dropped to?) 15 and I’m sure it’s not because nobody wants this!
We all understand that “simulated conflicts” will never have a place to be considered in Infinite Flight’s policy.

But you know what?

This feature request is still active and unlocked, un-banned! So this means, there’s a chance - provided all ideas gathered contributes to a go - no go solution.

So here goes…

What if you could turn something that in the real world divides us, into something that could bring us closer together?

Apart from the brilliant explanation of how it should be done by the OP,
here’s an additional solution that will increase sportivity and togetherness, so please devs consider this feature!

Military API
  • When this is switched on in the settings, yours and everybody else’s position who has this activated will be sharing each other’s position in 3D space - a dog fight algorithm that makes it possible to receive and calculate each other’s relationship in 3D space for the hypothetical shots or missile to confirm a hypothetical hit or miss.
  • This will not work to, nor affect anyone in military aircrafts, who opt to keep this setting to OFF
  • This certainly will not be available for commercial or GA, they’ll just see a jet buzzing around as usual (they’re always there anyway!)…
  • …because a weapon systems will not work, as the API setting detect positional relationships ONLY WHEN the target itself chose to. The setting will be permanently OFF to all civilian liveries.
Sensitivity Issues
  • Ground targets are merely real life ground target practice locations catering for all military training ground targets around the world that are included by Infinite Flight development team. These ground targets respond to the Military API and are always on. So this solves that sensitivity issue - people will not like other people bombing their countries even though it’s not the real thing, but everyone won’t mind sharing their playground parks! (if you do mind sharing your play pen, we need a long talk).

And as such, as everything about this will be friendly, it would be like sports, i.e. tennis, soccer or basketball if you will!
I’m sure there will be many fans for this favourite type of sports, requiring discipline and/ or team work coordination, consider the variety of flight events, joint operations that’ll fill up IF skies!

Thanks for sharing this idea and giving us a chance to vote for this cool feature, Asneed8706!

Infinite Flight dev team, I am begging you!😅