Fighter Aircraft Etiquette

Before global was released you had no choice other than to learn how to hand fly a fighter… too bad you did not live back in the barnstorming days when AP was only a spark across a synapse…of course so were also the progenitors of the mobile device you are currently using for IF now !

When you turn the AP off the manoeuvring capabilities of a fighter are anything but sluggish. The solution to this problem is to turn the autopilot off and do it yourself. After you’ve completed the turn you can turn the AP on again.

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It’s not that i can’t, it’s that i cant be bothered haha

The incongruency of these two statements should be self-evident.

ATC should let you make meandering turns because you “can’t be bothered?”

I think you may have things a tad backward.


Nothing about this was incongruent. I was saying how I can’t be bothered to hand-fly as a joke towards @Tyler_Shelton because of him saying “crazy, right?!😜” when talking about hand-flying the aircraft. Please don’t insult me when you don’t fully understand what’s going on.

Bumping this.
A must read for fighter jocks.
See you in the skies!


nice pics!!

This seems to need a bounce up the board based on today’s ATC theme. Please read to avoid getting ghosted today when flying fighters.

A couple of things to keep in mind:

  1. Keep your speed reasonable when departing or entering towers airspace. Expect to be ghosted if you takeoff and proceed to fly 600kt one mile from the runway. Similar, expect to be ghosted if you call in for landing at 600kt with a v/s of -6000 and start flying over other inbounds

  2. Don’t enter approach airspace (below 18,000ft and 50nm) at an excessive rate of speed. Expect to be ghosted if you do. Best to enter at the same speed you would in a commercial aircraft

  3. Don’t drop out of the sky right above a controlled airspace and expect to fly directly to the runway. You are going to interfere because you will be at an excessive speed and v/s. Expect to be ghosted if you do

  4. Don’t contact departure after takeoff and speed up to an excessive speed. Expect to be ghosted if you do, especially if you are increasing their work load unnecessarily. Best to depart as you would if you were flying a commercial aircraft

  5. Have fun when you are not in controlled airspace (and try to avoid the unwanted escorts)!


For folks flying on expert for today’s for military day, please remember the appropriate speeds for fighter jets in a controlled airspace.

I have seen several pilots receive a seven day vacation from the expert server for calling in at over 1000 knots or buzzing the field.

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Are we allowed to go at max speed at like FL500 or 600 and not on ATC?

When flying fighters you are expected to ensure adequate separation between yourself and others, just as you would in any other aircraft. Exceptions are if you’re flying as a part of a formation or escorting someone.

I do not expect a random F-16 to fly only 700-ish feet behind me on short final.

This happened at Lakenheath on Expert with IFATC controlling tower. No action was taken against the offender.


I had quite a few people enter tower airspace today flying 800kt IAS+. A reminder that even fighter jets and military aircraft are expected to fly appropriate speeds and never over 300kt IAS when in a controlled airspace.

Additionally, folks should pay particular attention to the sentence that reads “[i]nstructions, sequence, and traffic volume should always dictate your speed and cause increased awareness of your surroundings.” Meaning that 300kt IAS is not the speed limit, you must fly slower if the situation dictates, or if you are issued a speed instruction.

Happy military flying!


Also best to have gear down when coming in to land 😔


Agreed. With great power come great responsibility.

Lets make a good name for ourselves as fighter pilots on IF.

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I also want to remind people when intending to land at an airport if you are escorting your buddy you need to be a flight of X or you will need to split. if you are not a flight of X you will be required to space out from each other


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This helpful guide has now been pinned to Live and lists a few of my own recommendations on military operations above! If you follow these 3 parameters you should have an enjoyable and trouble-free experience on the Expert Server.

Note that the M1.0 limitation is for normal operations where you may be cruising from one airport to another with other commercial traffic. Exceeding this limit may be common in a training scenario well outside congested airspaces, over open water, or in a designate military operations area (MOA).

Happy Flying!


Very helpful thread. Thank you again

The refuel system doesnt actually work for the DC-10 refueler does it?