Fighter Aircraft Etiquette

In a busy commercial airspace? Yeah I see loads of Typhoons doing 500knt 50ft passes over Heathrow during peak times…

I think the big thing people don’t understand is that there is a massive difference between having some fun in the mountains in the desert doing M2 vs doing M2 next to LAX for fun.


What a silly response, utterly taken out of context.

I suggest you read comments properly before making yourself look like a fool when replying.

Now I know that the majority of this is aimed at Expert, but I think when TS ATC allows this they form bad habits, becuais no one stops this on TS…

But that can we do…😑

You wouldn’t necessary notice them at a large passenger airport, all though a lot of smaller regional airports split the space between civilian aircraft and military. That is where you would most likely see them.

Consider this your monthly reminder/warning. [You won’t get one when you come in between 10 other aircraft at 3k feet around 2000 knots 5 miles from the field.]

There doesn’t need to be a lengthy back and forth. Just read Tyler’s original post. And if you think you need a warning that 2000 knots is too fast in controlled airspace, look up the word ‘expert’ in your spare time.


Cant they just be ghosted automatically? Surely we’re blurring the line between casual and expert servers if we allow fighters to mingle among airliners at busy airports. I don’t care what anyone says, this v.v rarely, if ever, happens in real life. If there are size restrictions, eg, at KASE, why cant there be a restriction on fast combat aircraft at EGLL or OMDB?


I’m assuming that I should fully expect to be dogged by fighter hotshots on casual server? I don’t particularly mind … in fact I love the close up views of F-22s. But it did take me surprise to be followed so closely by a couple of fighters today. Thanks.

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I quite often do 1650-1700 kts at about 100 to 200 feet. Just for fun. Because it is fun.

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I don’t believe there is… It’s more fun to show off your flight to others than to do it all alone. If you don’t crash into anybody then it shouldn’t be a problem, especially on casual and training servers. There are far greater issues that need to be addressed than this.


What Tim’s referring to is the expert server, a place where realistic rules are strictly enforced. He’s right, 2000 knots in the vicinity of ATC is absolutely ridiculous, and it’s understandable from a controller’s standpoint why they might be a little ticked off when something like this happens in their airspace.

I don’t think Tim’s intention is to disrespect anyone, but to warn those who try to pull something like this on the expert server. Let’s not worry about policing the forum and instead, leave that up to the moderators.

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Yes, it is a collective responsibility however, as a member it’s best to flag the problematic post and have the moderators take care of it. The post you’re referring to was made over a month ago, and if something truly crossed line, it would’ve been flagged by now.


As stated before, I am not going to flag him for something subjective like this, I am simply telling him he may come across as condescending.

Oh, you mean like someone who hasn’t even joined 12 hours previous assuming that the other forum members don’t know a veteran member’s sense of humor and take it as hyperbolic humor like everyone else and then proceed to lecture said veteran?

That kind of condescension?

[If you’re wondering, people are well aware of my dry humor and take it as intended. But thank you so much for joining and policing the forum before half a day was out.

Curious. What was your previous account?]


Some of the most sage advice on this forum has come from @Tim_B… being both a highly respected IFATC and community contributor…l hardly think you have been around here long enough to even remotely have the audacity to challenge his advice or opinions… learn to listen before you presumptively react impulsively !!!


Well maybe that’s it, an outsider perspective. I’m not saying you were necessarily being condescending, I’m saying other people may have taken you as condescending. I respect a regular as much as anyone else, but the amount of condescension I see is what drove me away from the forum in the first place

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I think my previous account was cade norris? Don’t quote me, I haven’t had access to it for a while

Fun doesn’t belong on the expert server at the expense of realism. In casual or training, do what you want.

Great post man. As a fighter pilot myself these tips are useful for not being ghosted

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