Fighter Aircraft Etiquette

Would it be likely that a new ATC command for this would be added in the future? It doesn’t seem to me to be to difficult to add, unless I’m missing something. Or do you prefer not to comment on these matters?

What was the reasoning behind the 3 full cap limit? I’m curious as to if it wouldn’t be possible in real operations. (Although it would be very unlikely.)

I think they added the cap so people aren’t flying for a ridiculous amount of time and exploiting the XP gain.


A f-22 can fly at 600kts at FL140?

It’d be possible, but real life ops would be limited to crew rest even. This is to ensure it’s not abused by those farming XP.


We have began to find this is an issue. Flying a fighter does not give you a free pass. Please act accordingly when flying in a fighter or you may be ghosted.


How exactly do you precoordinade an event

How does XP is it by distance or time

XP is measured by flight-time and landings.
From what I’ve heard, 1min of flying is 10XP and 1 landing is 100XP (should be around these numbers).

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I’m going to bump this part. I did not take this route today, although I would have been entirely justified, because it hasn’t been recently addressed as far as I know.

So…let this be the reminder. Next time you and your two buddies wanna fly your fighters through a maze of commercial aircraft at 800 knots, don’t expect to land.

You don’t need to be warned that “insane” is not the proper approach speed, but I’ll provide one anyway. Once.


adding to that i usually fly the f22 when i fly a fighter and if i am cruising at say 1200 kn or M2.2-2.5ish speeds which is obsurdly fast i know it can take me anywhere from 100 to 300 nautical miles to slow down so take that in to mind as well

Then maybe you shouldn’t be flying that fast…

Casual Server for that. Those speeds anywhere near an active airport on expert will result in a ghost without question.


Just make some sharp s-turns to slow down from high speed. Alternatively you can go vertical and see space.

i cant visit expert yet but for the people that inevitably will be flying that fast i just put that out there and i reserve that kind of flying for casual and solo

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i usually climb at no more than Mach 1 and climb up over 40,000 ft before i floor it when i’m on casual and maybe once i did it on training server but i stayed under 250 until 10k ft where then i climbed at 340kn until i needed to go faster to maintain altitude but then i was at like 45k ft and i cruise at 50k 50-55k is quite high so i figured i was good

Bumping as a reminder.

In case you’re wondering, yes, 2000 knots is too fast 15 miles out in the middle of other traffic.


Aside from the speed issue, can i ask why people are allowed to fly fighters into or out of commercial airports on expert? Especially when airports are busy with active ATC. We want realism and this is allowed?

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This is perfectly acceptable and actually happens FAR more than you realize in the real world. As for realism, they still adhere to the same rules as everyone else.

When flying a fighter I don’t exceed Mach 1.0 even outside of an airspace. Additionally, While in an airspace just throttle back on the departure end and keep it civil. It’s not difficult at all and will save you loads of gas.


I use fighters quite often for fun.

As far as I see it, it’s your responsibility (fighter) to not cause a problem.

I will quite often fly at 100ft and 420kts for fun. Equally, I’ll climb up to FL380 and go at M2.00 sometimes.

I think it’s unreasonable however to start talking to any ATC when you are above any speed a normal commercial airliner, Ie 320kt above FL100 or 250kt below.

Anything outside… why not have fun? It’s perfectly realistic to bounce around at high speed low level!

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