Fighter Aircraft Etiquette

We now have autopilot for fighters. Surely you’ll want to fly them too, so what’s expected of you on the Expert Server?

December 2017 update is cleared for takeoff.

There is currently no system limit on speeds for fighter aircraft, however a reasonable speed should always be maintained when in a controlled airspace, whether tower or approach. As a general rule 250-300kts should never be exceeded when under the control of ATC.

The following are a good rule of thumb and the recommended military aircraft parameters:

  • Do not exceed M1.0 in normal flight
  • Do not exceed 300KIAS under ATC control or in a congested airspace
  • Do not exceed 250KIAS within 15 miles of the landing airport

Instructions, sequence, and traffic volume should always dictate your speed and cause increased awareness of your surroundings.

Controllers are authorized and will issue Violations to pilots flying at excessive speeds in a controlled ATC environment. This may be the result of not maintaining your assigned sequence, disrupting others, or requiring unreasonable instruction due to your excessive speeds (Ex. Requesting ILS approach at 850kts).

The Expert Server is reserved for serious users only. Inexperienced fighter pilots should use the Casual Server.

Happy Flying and we truly appreciate your unwavering support.


This is much needed. A great way to inform those who aren’t as experienced. Also hope to see some awesome refueling and formations now that fighters have been somewhat reworked.


Before you know it there will be people doing dog fights with sidewinders and stuff


Not entirely possible. We can’t shoot each other down. Fighter aircraft have been here for a long time and no one has attempted it. You can try on casual server?


This is going to be awesome. Since it was brought up, would you be able to explain how the air refueling system is going to work?


I too, want to know how this system will work!


That information will be available in another post.

Quick Rundown:

Fly in close proximity to the boom. Must be underneath the aircraft. A message will appear that refueling has begun and will show that it has ended if you’re out of range or your tank is full.

Aircraft may only accept the amount of fuel equal to three full tanks.

^for you record setters out there

Aircraft that refuel:

  • A10
  • F16
  • F22
  • F14
  • C130
  • Air Force One
  • KC10

Now back on topic! :)


Sweet! Thanks for the info!


@Tyler_Shelton. @MaxSez: I’ve waited a long time for the Fighter AP, now all you need is a Fly 360 AP button so I can fly a Cap hold pattern plus an Advisery Craft in the Mig Series. The Tanker 3 holer with all the bells and whistles is a surprise, Well Done FDS. (Bookmarked) Regards.


Thanks for the advisement @Tyler_Shelton. Love to see the reminder for us as the community on the expert server. Appreciate the details on refueling requirements as well. Keep up the great work.


I’m sorry, could I ask one question? I’ve heard that there are no speed restrictions above 10,000ft for fighters; is there also no speed restriction below 10,000ft?

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That is correct, as stated up above in the post.


Thanks for the clarification, I was unsure.

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The fighter A/P is truly a game changer and with the KC-10 refueling ability. Thanks for the informative topic.


Hope people will read this and follow those stated rules. If they do it’ll be a great experience for everyone. :)


This is going to help a lot of people and it’s going to be a lot of fun!

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Thanks now guys won’t be doing barrel rolls at 100 ft above the field at 700 mph lol

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Just a question I have: what if I’m at an airport with active atc, and I want to do a run and break pattern entry? Is this acceptable, given that there is no real means of requesting such a manoeuvre? Would it just be up to me to be responsible and considerate, and decide whether or not it would be appropriate?


Until we have a way to request it I would not do this at an airport with active ATC unless precoordinated for an event or directly with the controller. For now you can do the overhead pattern at uncontrolled fields.