Fight with the virus! Stay strong

On March 12, a 9-member expert group formed by the National Health and Health Commission and the Chinese Red Cross sent by the Chinese government flew from Shanghai to Rome with necessary medical protective supplies and other materials to support Italy ’s new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control. This is the third team of experts sent by China after supporting Iran and Iraq.
The plane was equipped with 31 tons of medical supplies (including ICU ward equipment, medical protective supplies, antiviral drugs, plasma of ordinary healthy people and plasma of newly crowned recoverers, etc.) and was shipped to Rome, the capital of Italy.
After nearly 12 hours of flight, the Chinese medical team assisting Italy has now arrived in Italy and has been warmly welcomed.
That is our simulated flight


Livery:China Eastern

Group flight with @anon99845028 @Steve_Jiang @Anthony_Zhu and Eric Hsiao
Here are some nice pictures,for further information,press here and here.Stay strong!


Glad to fly with guys,thanks for your Nice photos😊


Nice photoshop and a good message! Hope to see more great photos, especially with underused liveries like the China Eastern… we need more!! 😁🇨🇳

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Thanks,I will do that.Also take care!

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Great ones! I particularly like the 3rd

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I’m so glad that you like that picture.

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