Fight Breaks Out On Southwest Flight

Another one…

It seems like a fight erupted after a Southwest flight from Denver landed at Hollywood Burbank Airport.

I believe it’s safe to say that 2017 has not been a good year for Airlines, nor their CEO (lol, Qantas). What are your thoughts on what has been happening with airlines lately?


I can’t believe this. ANOTHER one?


I think we should stop from posting these news as it sparks negativity to the forum imho.

I’m getting sick with these news tbh


These events are happening just as much as they have in past. The only difference now is that it’s piqued people’s interest because the media says it should so you’re naturally going to see more stories surface whether it’s about something legitimate or a rabbit.

Something else will happen soon to draw everyone away from airlines. 🙂


It really wouldn’t surprise me much to learn that this stuff isn’t that uncommon. A aviation podcast that I regularly listen to typically has a story of some drunk being kicked off of a flight, or some physical altercation between passenger and crew. For whatever reason the mainstream news has decided to latch onto every scrap they can get their filthy jaws on and it’s become a hot topic. Remember not too long ago the police here in the States were the big hot button. Let’s get a few more Air Marshals on staff and turn up the legal consequences of acting out on a flight, maybe that will deter some of these incidents.


But yeah, I wonder why medias are making flying looks really bad…


This one actually involves a flight attendant getting physically trapped underneath the two men fighting. It doesn’t look very good in that video. Hopefully, she’ll be okay.

I couldn’t care less about the men fighting. All I care about is that poor flight attendant risking herself just to separate the two savages instead of just waiting for the police to stop this chaos.


Hey. Look at the bright side, I mean… free MMA right?

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I feel like showing you this video in light of the quote would be appropriate.

But yeah. This is the media watchdog at work, guys. Take your basic government class and they’ll tell you that the media decides what kind of stories makes the news. They set the policy for what people “should” be caring about in the news cycle.

Who knows? Maybe they’ll decide my amazing flying skills should be on the next coverage. Be careful about what you interpret and judge events objectively from a neutral perspective.


Not a bad thing for the airline so to say. The airline had no responsibility with this except to stop the fight. The only reason they couldnt was that the aircraft was de-boarding and the majority of the flight attendants are at the front or back during de-boarding.

Just showing that sometimes these so called “problems” people video tap with an airline are really just the actual issue of a passenger just as some airlines claim it is.


I’m taking journalism right now (actually typed this post on my way there) and one of the things my class was told is that the media loves to play on the fear of the public. If they can make the public fear getting on a plane, they’ll make sure they do. They basically control what we see and what we think about what goes on around us…


Sounds like you’ve made a plot for something to happen? :p


FDS should add a fighting feature to Infinite Flight. Best way to enhance the realism of the sim.


Grammar alert!! PIQUED, not PEAKED. 😉


Learn something everyday! Thanks dude.


Eh, this type of stuff happens everyday. Fights break out due to road rage, in movie theaters, at sporting events, etc. There really isn’t anything airlines can do to prevent passengers from deciding to throw down and going loco on each other in an airplane.


Well and there goes any inkling of faith in the media I ever owned. They don’t know when to drop something do they? One incident with UAL does not need to evolve into “BREAKING” news 🙄. This is garbish. Let’s move on to things that actually need covering.

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Not only do we have to deal with political none sense in both the US and Europe, but we also have to constantly watch our six on flights, in airports, etc. 2017 is shaping up to be a grand year…

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