Fifteen passengers injured as Qantas flight to Hong Kong almost stalls

Last week the worlds safest airline encounters “extremely rare event, and very, very serious” when stall warning and stick shake. The blame may go on the pilots for not being aware of the dangerously low airspeed. 15 passengers were injured.

Is this something that could of ended in disaster?

just to be clear the plane did not stall
injures are from extreme turbulence that caused pilots to take manual control

my guess is that they kept the throttle the same after the autopilot disengaged but due to the extreme turbulence the airspeed dropped quickly to cause a stall warning. That is my guess could be completely wrong.

What we know for sure

  • The plane received a stall alert

  • 15 passengers were injured from reported extreme turbulence before the stall

  • Pilots took manual control just before the stall

  • The plane was in a holding pattern so it was not at cruising speed

one point i also have to make this event is most likely caused by extreme turbulence so i think investing in clear air turbulence detection technology would be a good idea especially due to the fact that rising global temperatures will increase the amount of this. of course this would mainly be for passenger comfort but could help lower the chance rare situations like this.



With everything with United, Qantas, Emirates…

Its like… Thats cool! People get dragged off flights all the time! ;)

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what do you mean im confused :)


As in there’s been a whole big thing about loads of news being faked so… and even if it’s not fake… United.

No… I mean like the news are now going to say something about Qantas Airlines not being safe because of this… Just like how EVERY airline overbooks but because (NOT EVEN UNITED) Police officers remove a passenger refusing to leave… Now United is getting blamed.


its not fake if the airline said it happened

i do admit the backlash against united has got out of hand. Every single yotuber/news website release so much anti united because they know people will click on those videos/articles

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What a thing to wake up to… 😬


Hey, at least they recovered from the stall and didn’t crash.

That’s what keeps it the worlds safest airline, is because the pilots knew what to do in a stall.


who got them in the stall in the first place…


Thats what we want to find out

the pilots not monitoring there airspeed

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Will have to send you an Aircrash investigation episode which was caused by a stall. The reason being is humans are crap at monitoring instruments a lot of the time. This crew had their airspeed drop, and because of the confusion they retracted the flaps, pitched up and crashed.

You don’t have any hard evidence to support that claim is the reason the aircraft stalled.


I know pilots get bored because there is more automation and we need to get rid of some of it and atleast my favourite airline is still the safest


I wish I knew excactly what happened…

It’s been all across our radio stations. This event.

I know a great one! That one Turkish airlines flight that stalled and crashed while landing at amsterdam

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Did I say it was fake? I’m just saying, the news is probably exaggerating slightly.

qantas even said it was a major incident :)