Fifteen hurt as plane spins 360 degrees during take-off in Goa

Fifteen hurt as plane spins 360 degrees during take-off in Goa

Hope everyone is okay and makes a speedy recovery…


A Jet Airways Boeing 737-800, registration VT-JBG performing flight 9W-2374 from Goa to Mumbai (India) with 154 passengers and 7 crew, backtracked runway 26, lined up runway 26 and was accelerating the engines for takeoff when the aircraft continued to turn right, the crew rejected takeoff, the aircraft went off the right runway edge almost perpendicular, went over soft ground and across a road and came to a stop with the nose gear collapsed and both engines making ground contact. The aircraft was evacuated, 15 occupants received minor injuries.

-Aviation Herald


Oh Jet Airways. That looks nasty!

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Looks horrible mate, hope everyone is ok!

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Smells like an asymmetrical thrust incident, or a rudder failure. Planes don’t turn like that under normal operations.


I’d say they got turned around pretty quickly.

A speedy recovery for all injured.


This was my first thoughts, was it a TO inc? Or landing?

Did they serve as they aborted just above v1 speed or didnt think they was gonna stop so started swerving left and right then they did it again and it went too far

Takeoff, as per the topic title :)

This is just like IF.


Yep at KLAX TS1

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Ignore me!! aha, I even posted the topic!!

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I think the throttle scenario is more likely. One engine stuck on maybe?

they had their heading set 360 instead of 260 haha jk, looks link everyone made it with minor injuries but a giant scare.

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This is pretty bizarre, I will be interested to find out what caused this.

Exactly what I was thinking haha.

They didn’t even have the engines fully spooled yet, if it was a rudder-induced control upset past V1, we won’t have an intact plane.

You would think that would induce a failsafe shutdown of both engines. Stuck steering perhaps?

A “technical glitch while aligning for takeoff”… what the heck is that? Maybe taxing too fast. Pilot gets a violation! LOL Glad there were only minor injuries.

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