Fiestas de Noviembre @ SKCG - 262000ZNOV17

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3pm EST, 12M PST 8pm UK time

After the famous “Fiestas de Noviembre” (November Celebrations) Citizens of Cartgena, are now trying to get back to work after a week of traveling, In this event we will fly and meet-up at SKCG at roughly 2000Z to get this medium airport to max Capacity.

Flights and Gates

A01: Copa Airlines B737-800 from MPTO- CMP155
A02: Lan A319 from SKBO- ARE4116
A03: KLM B787-9 from EHAM via SKBO- KLM749
A04: Delta B737-800 from KATL- DAL989
A04A: Air Canada Rouge A319 from CYYZ- ROU1872 -@Alfonso22
A05: Avianca A318 from SKRG- AVA9386
A06: Lan A319 from SKCL- ARE4240
A06B: JetBlue E-190 from KFLL- JBU1703
A07: JetBlue A320 from KJFK- JBU1533
Reused Gates
These Gates can be used if the Flight above had already ended their flight.
A03: Avianca B787-8 from SKBO- AVA9544
A06B: Lan A319 from SPJC- LPE2448
A04A: Spirit A320 from KFLL- NKS859
A06: Lan A319 from SKSP- ARE4233
A01: American A320 from KMIA- AAL1145
A05: Avianca A318 from MUHA- AVA9110

Due to conmemorate the IV Congress of the Americas some lucky guy will get to fly the Airforce One.

A08: Air Force One from KADW-


Anything up to a 739 BBJ works out.
GA Flights will park in the Eastern Apron or the GA Apron East of the Runway.

If You Would Like to Join Say the Flight you want Below!

More Info for SKCG

Rafael Núñez International Airport (IATA: CTG, ICAO: SKCG) is an airport serving the Caribbean port city of Cartagena, Colombia. It is the largest airport in the country’s northern Caribbean region in terms of passenger movement. It is located between the Caribbean coast and the Ciénaga de la Virgen marsh, in the center of Crespo, a neighborhood in northern Cartagena.

It is named for Rafael Núñez, the former Colombian president who wrote the verses of the National Anthem of Colombia.

The airport has been managed since 1996 by the Sociedad Aeropuertos del Caribe S.A. (SACSA), a Colombian company that has the experience and technology of its partner operator AENA Spain. Airlines including Copa Airlines Colombia, Copa Airlines, Avianca, JetBlue, Spirit Airlines, and Delta Air Lines have international flights from this airport to various cities in North, Central and South America. KLM is the only European Airline flying at this airport.

The Cartagena VOR-DME (Ident: CTG) is located 14.0 nautical miles (25.9 km) south of the airport. The Cartagena non-directional beacon (Ident: CT) is located 2.9 nautical miles (5.4 km) south of the airport. Both are aligned with Runway 01.

Important Reference

Everyone Attending the event please use the Callsign of the Airline for more realism
the 3 letter codes are just the Airline codes, It works out too if your callsign is in the format above.
Also use STARs found here and in English here

Cartagena Tower: 118.3
Barranquilla Approach: 119.1

any IFATC Interested in Tower just say it in the thread.


Please move this to the #live:events Category, thanks Alfonso :).

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Hey! I’ll be the tower! Nice event tho!

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You’re all in Julian!

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