Fictional airlines

Like in RFS, there should be fictional liveries.

I kind of feel like it would take away a level of realism from the game.


No there shouldn’t


Please never


I’m not quite sure how to respond to this. I don’t think Fictional Airlines would fit in the Sim at all.

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Maybe it could be a solo-exclusive feature.

In my opinion it would be too much work to think of Fictional Airlines and put them in the game. I think it’s better we keep Infinite Flight as realistic as possible.

Maybe yep, but fictional ones are too abstract and there are so many real ones in the world, no need to add these.

RFS and IF are the same concept. But different executions. IF strives for realism with liverys, physics, and so on, RFS is the opposite. However LIKE RFS fictional airlines will stay there and only current or past airline liverys will remain in IF not made up ones…

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I dont think this would be a good idea. RFS is a completely different sim to IF, and IF has a higher sence of realism to it, I think fictional liveries would take that away Remeber to vote on your own request ;)

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Nope (: