Fictional Airline

Hey people, has anyone ever done something like create a fictional airline, like I played Air Tycoon but I also created like a fictional one on paper. I’d love to hear what you guys have to say. BTW, my airline is called American Global Airways and was started in 1968 and has 1034 planes with 978 planes, was launch customer of MD80, A310, and will be launch customer of A330-800.

We have many Fictional Virtual Airlines on this forum…

But it seems like your talking about a outside app (Air Tycoon)…

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That is not what I am talking about, I mean like an actual airline that would exist in the real world, that you decide like fleet and routes and such, like I made on on paper and gave it a name and made a livery, not really like the VAs that we have right now.

That would better go under this topic then:


Does it have to be 175 aircraft, my airline already has over 1000. Like, I kinda think that another thread that is a bit more flexible would be better, plus like we could talk about more things than just the fleet.

Many people have gone way past that limit on their

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Probably not over a thousand though; )

I think soemone went over 2 thousand I’ll have to check but definitely atleast one thousand

Wow. It says 175 though LMAOOOOOOOO!!!

I also do want to hear about more than the fleet., like the hubs and classes of service and configs and such(I’m such a massive geek) ; )

The first post also discusses that ;)

True. Do you have a fictional airline? Tell me all about it if you do.

I do indeed but I feel that would better be discussed under the topic provided ;)

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