Fictional Aircraft [POLL]


Ok, so I was thinking today about my to favorite things: IF, and Star Wars in class, so I wondered, what would happen if they somehow mushed together? That’s were this poll comes in, I would like to have your opinion on adding fictional aircraft to IF, but on their own sever, so they don’t interfere with the real world in any way.

The Aircraft

I think if this totally random idea was well recieved from you guys, then I think you would need a few starcraft (ships) to start off with. Here are some of my examples:

T-65 X-Wing

Twin ION Engine (TIE) Fighter


RZ-1 A-Wing


BTL Y-Wing

UT-60D U-Wing


Twin ION Engine (TIE) Interceptor

and some others that I’ll add later.

The Pros and Cons


Will provide a new, fresh prospective to IF.
Will give users the chance to explore these aircraft freely, not like games you see today.
Will give users the chance to experience “Zero G” flying
Re-inact famous battles from franchises like Star Wars and Star Trek*
and more!


*Re-inacting battles would be tough, but I am coming up with a solution for that
Wouldn’t be realistic to those who stricktly only fly real aircraft
Got to get permision from Micley da Mouse
Ships don’t have wheels, so they would have to slow down to almost 0 knots before they land.
and some others.

Opinion Time!

  • Yes, This is a cool idea and this should be introduced to Infinite Flight!
  • This is cool and all, but shouldn’t be introduced.
  • Sounds cool, but FDS isn’t ready to take on such a big project

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Thanks for your time!


Insert this is a simulator not a game comment here

I’m not saying just what people would usually say


Can you imagine a fictional parked next to you?

I’m sorry (and against this idea) but Infinite Flight is a flight simulator, not a space craft one.


Do I have the right to say this is not cool and shouldn’t be added?
Alright idea and all, just I think that this is exactly what Star Wars battlefront is for.


Ahh but is Star Wars Battlefront, you can’t explore freely, all you do is fly around in a cramp airspace shooting everyone.

Did you read the whole topic?

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Plus the fact that IF would have to get all the licensing if they go ahead with it, then Disney will probably take over and that will be the end, “Infinite Star Wars battle simulator” just like @Q-ENAN Said, IF is a flight simulator, not a spacecraft one


When I say parked next to you I mean that we’ll already need new facilities.
Do space craft park on classic airports?

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This forum is about Infinite Flight and aviation not Stars Wars and Star Trek and space ships.


Heard of #real-world-aviation mate?

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He’s speaking about IF 😒


There is still Elite Dangerous if you love spacecraft

You’ll need a pretty strong computer though…

And they are planning to introduce earth like re-entry ;)


Just looked it up, and sounds cool, I’m even considering downloading it, but quite fit what I was looking for. Thanks for the suggestion anyways!


Now I am a huge fan of Star Wars, however there are other games got flying spacecraft and IF is a mobile based flight sim to fly in a realistic way, so in short, no.


No, I’m not a big fan of Star Wars and haven’t even watched all of the movies. Having some spacecraft which would be nearly impossible to model accurately and get fuel burn and stuff down, it just sounds way to extreme. Infinite Flight will also probably stick to what they have, a flight simulator, I think many people already have their priorities set on the CRJ, Concorde, A350, and some type of General Aviation. Adding some fake aircraft from a movie would require gbloal work level effort for something that, as of the poll now, only 6% of the community even wants. If the people don’t want it, it isn’t going to sell and FDS won’t make it.
Sorry, but no.


Firm no from me. I also like how you didn’t provide a “hell no” option in the poll.


Let me get this straight, you want to turn IF into STAR WARS?


I’m sorry but this is absurd.


Dude he wrote to have a seperate server??

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I would prefer to have more GA aircraft thank you very much.

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