FI656 | Minneapolis - Keflavik | B757-200

Departed - Minneapolis International Airport, Minneapolis
Arrived - Keflavik International Airport, Iceland

Aircraft: B757-300
Flight time: 6 hours 10 minutes

Thanks to @Mort for recommending this amazing flight, got to see some beautiful perks of Iceland!

Next Up: Challenger 350 ~ Nuuk airport, Greenland → La Guardia Airport, New York

Status: Arrived - Post coming soon

Enjoy your weekend everyone!


Is the thread supposed to say -200 instead? The title says -200 but the post says -300

I’m glad you liked the suggestion! Great pictures!

When I did this flight IRL a few months ago, it was on a 737 MAX 8, under mostly the cloak of darkness, as the flight leaves daily at 7:25 PM. We left right in the nick of time, before a massive blizzard hit the Minneapolis Metro. The takeoff was in near zero visibility.

The return flight offers much more scenic view, due to it being operated during the daytime (leaves Iceland at 5:00 PM local, lands in Minneapolis about 6:00 PM local, because of time zones).


Epic! I hope you enjoyed your flight, I guess they went from operating a b737 to a B757


The service is scaled back for the winter and spring, so they typically use smaller plane. Now, they’re regularly using the 757/767.

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