FHC Bf 109E-3 NX342FH (BN 1342)

This Bf 109E-3, coded NX342FH and restored by the Flying Heritage Collection (FHC), was manufactured in 1939 as Yellow 8, with its BN (Builder Number) being 1342. It belonged to the 6th Unit of the 51st Fighter Wing (6/JG 51),and was shot down on June 29 1940 (the initial days of the Battle of Britain). It was rediscovered in Normandy, France, 1988, and restored at Charleston Aircraft.
It flies today with the early colour scheme of the Luftwaffe: Olive Green, Dark Green and Light Blue, with a mottle of both Dark and Olive Green, and with the emblem of the JG 51, a weeping bird holding an umbrella.