Few Shots at Goa International Airport (India)

Hey! Recently had a quick 50 minute hop to Mumbai from Goa, and got a couple shots before departing. Here they are!

My 737-900ER to Mumbai

GoAir A320neo taxiing to gate with one engine after arriving from Delhi (Not clear in pic, but it with real 👁️’s it was easy to see only one engine running)
The larger engines on the neo do look better…

Jet Airways 737-800ER taxiing to gate after arriving from Mumbai

Being a Navy base, Goa gets many aircraft belonging to the military and Navy (including the occasional C17!)
Here’s an Ilyushin Il38!

IndiGo A320 after arriving from Bangalore

That’s all I got while at Goa. Departed shortly after.

Bye Goa!!! (Actually though, I’m already back in Goa 😎)


Awesome shots man! Awesome you had fun!

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Looks like a nice trip with my favourite 900ER series on 737 family😉


Looks like a E2C Hawkeye but I could be wrong.

I love the 739 as well @ouzi 😁.

@Michael_McMurray actually I just found out it’s an Ilyushin Il38 😉

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Great catches!! Good quality!✈️😀👍

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Beautiful Go Air A320N and IL38! Next time I go to India, I really want to fly on Go Air’s A320N to Leh

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@Klax.aviation Thanks! I’m glad my phone can shoot decent quality. Looking at my pics from my old phone when I used to fly on heavies much more often, they look ugh! Now I’m not flying very often but have a much better quality camera -_-

@HEYEY Yea, the neo’s sweet! I Actually had a chance to fly on GoAir’s A320neo when it was 2 days old :)

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