Few reminders for pilots when using approach on ATC Advanced Server


Hello fellas! :smile:

So I’ve been controlling Norcal Approach at KSCK today for like 2 hours and I’ve got a few things to remind to everyone here:

1 - If the approach is only for two airports (example: KSCK and another one nearby) and if it is busy, please do not keep on requesting ILS or vectors to another airport outside of my area.

2 - If you are flying a Jet please do not request flight following or VFR, it makes no sense!!! No Jet aircraft request VFR or FF in real life, this is stupid. When requesting FF or VFR and the ATC gives you a heading clearance it means you have to follow ATC instructions, and not your flight plan! We always look at your flights plans when vectoring you, we try to follow it, but if we tell you to turn another heading, it is to avoid another pilot!

3 - When you are cleared on the ILS, it does not mean you can switch to Tower on your own, please wait for you frequency change clearance.

4 - If approach gives you a turn that makes no sense to you because it does not head directly to your destination airport, you guys might be surprised, but IT ALWAYS HAVE A SENSE. It might be for you to enter a holding pattern, to avoid another traffic, etc… Please follow all instructions, it is very important for everyone to enjoy their experiences on Advanced Server!

Keep all this in mind, and enjoy your flights ;)

//Advanced controller


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