Few pics over the few months @ DFW

Hey IFC! I’ve done a lot of spotting in the past 2-3 months and thought I’d share my pictures! Enjoy!

First up, a UPS 747-400 heading out to SDF in some contrast?

Then we have a common 787-9… not rare at all at DFW.

British Airways 787-10 taxiing at DFW showing those nice beacons off!

Then we have an AA A321 in a nice pink sunset!

Last photo for today… Envoy Air E175 getting off 17L with the nice reflection of the wing on the fuselage.

                   Thanks for viewing my photos! Feedback is always appreciated.  
Which one was your Favorite?
  • BA 78X
  • AA 789
  • AA A321
  • UPS 744
  • Envoy E175

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Plane look good

Stunning shots love the 747 shot!

Absolutely amazing! A definite 10 for me!

pleins looking good

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Nice pics and close-ups! 👍

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Awesome Photos. I love the !75 pic. I’m a simp for close ups.

Great shots. i really like the 747 shot. Sometimes you can get beyond those 738’s and CRJ’s in and out of DFW to find some gems ha

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Thanks everyone for the kind words! I really do appreciate it.

Those look all familiar. Great photos man!

I see some g r a i n


Loved all of them especially at my fav airport DFW!!

Hey I know this topic is somewhat old, but where do you plane spot? I mainly go to the Founder’s Plaza but I’m also looking for some new places to get some close ups like in your photos.
Thanks :)

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