"Ferrying" a Beechcraft Baron

Hi Community,
Tomorrow morning I will be helping a friend of mine ferry his Baron from our the commercial airport (KLIT) Little Rock to my home airport of Searcy(KSRC) after he had too land there do too our runway being repaved. It should be a fun short 30 minute flight! We will be leaving around 10:00 10:15 so Track us if you want! *Thread will be updated about my experience!


Sounds like a lot of fun, probably the best way to start a day. Hope you have fun! Beautiful baron too!

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Thanks! I think so as well!

Have fun! I wish i can fly GA as well…

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It’s a lot of fun to do

Indonesian law regarding to Privately owned plane is very complex

Wow, I hope you have fun on your ride, seems like it is going to turn well

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Delayed will be leaving Little Rock about 11:30-12:00

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Are you twin engine certified?

No. I’m flying with my buddy who is. I’m going along as a second pilot and a second pair of eyes


Preflight and paying the fees right now! About too depart

Is this you?

It probably was! Going from LIT-SRC?

Here’s some photos of the flight! IMG_2512


Nice plane we have one in the shop right now that is basically the exact same. Paint, single Aspen PFD, GTN 750. Not exactly sure how you ferry your own plane, but looks like fun.

Haha it wasn’t my plane. It was my buddies, ferrying is a Loose term in context.

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