Ferry Flight To Dubai!

This is apart of a flight from Brize Norton all the way to Dubai in the RAF C-130J Hercules. It was very busy on the training server and I got to see a lot of commercial flights, sadly flying much faster then me 😆. I did an over night stop in a very quiet airfield in Romania and the next day continuing on to our destination. Sadly halfway during that last flight the iPad managed to freeze and I was forced to force shut down it. I will try and start up from the airport in Iraq in which I was directly above funnily enough. I did this flight at night and enjoyed a spectacular moon rising up from the mountains of the Middle East. Very calming knowing that you and a handful of others are watching this unfold.

These pictures may not be in order, so I’ll attempt to explain whats happening or where I am at at the time of taking these.

  1. Gaining altitude and above the clouds on another bad day in England, Brize Norton and so much of Europe seem to be engulfed in a layer of cloud yesterday, which made for the other spectacles.
    2,3,4. These show my cruise above the south west of Europe as I approach the Black Sea.
  2. After taking off from Romania, which thank god had no clouds around anymore, we saw a nice moon as the sun set for a nice overnight flight to Dubai!

Oh WOW Beautiful pictures

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Some cool photos there!

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Thank you 😊, astonishing what you can find on a mobile flight sim!

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Thanks for Appreciation 😁.

I love the last photo

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Thanks! I was bored mid flight so decided that it may be a cool shot if I put the cockpit behind the amazing moon!