Ferry Flight! - The R44

Anchorage is getting ready for their Great Alaska Aviation Gathering, which is at the FedEx Hangar. We decided bring our R44 from Merrill Field to Anchorage International. It was a .5 on the hobbs but it was still a nice little flight!

Started about 830 when we got to the field and preflighted the R44. With coffee in our hands we proceed jump in the R44 and depart Merrill.

It’s not often we get to do this route so obviously a couple of quick pictures were required. Downtown Anchorage with Elmendorf AFB is seen here. Weather isn’t to terrible but it isn’t to warm either. Our May is beginning really weird.

As we approach international they cleared us to the Fedex hangar, we arrived to a crowd who always enjoy seeing a helicopter land. So we were able to show off a little of just landing in front of everyone ;)

We brought the R44 inside and placed it for the show. Next to us I believe is a Fox with a Grumman Widgeon and a Cessna 185 on Amphibious floats. In front of us now is the Bell 505!

If you are in Anchorage stop by the Helicopter and say hello! Let’s get a selfie!


Here’s a question that helicopter in the last pic looks really close to that other aircraft, I know they do these hover taxi things on skid aircraft, but how did you get it that close? Careful flying?

(If so I would not trust it being the plane owner…)

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The guys got skill, that’s why. ;)

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@KPIT We landed outside and pushed it in, it’s pretty close though!

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