Ferry Flight (EHRD - EHAM) \\ How could this happen on Expert?

On final into EHAM, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, after a short 30 minute ferry flight from EHRD, Rotterdam The Hague Airport. A British Airways A320 holds in the pattern behind me.

Touch down, and I sure greased it! As I slow down on the runway the BA aircraft is already on short final at around 50ft. I expect him to go around, but instead; he continues with his landing.

Here he is behind me as my aircraft is about to exit the runway. I was in shock as I didn’t think this would happen on the ES.

After a pretty much successful flight, I am parked at the gate next to @Manav_Suri and @Awoodbay whilst I contact KLM about the incident.

I hope you have enjoyed these shots, stay tuned for more.


Server: Expert
Aircraft: B737-700
Airline: KLM
Route: EHRD (Rotterdam The Hague Airport) - EHAM (Amsterdam Airport Schiphol)
Flight Time: 30 minutes


Wait, at EHAM? Even with ATC? Thats weird, contact a mod about that!

Anyways, I love those angles you chose to use. It shows perfectly what the guy behind did haha! Great photos mate, the colors are amazing!


I doubt this would happen with active IFATC lol. The BA plane probably took advantage of EHAM being uncontrolled

Love the photos, by the way!


Unfortunately, things like this seem to happen more frequently now, as there is an increasing number of people who play the game with little experience. The best you can do is talk to the controller or mod, but I can’t think of anything else you can do right now.

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Nice photos! Yes I saw you 😄

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Exactly. But c’mon, seriously?? 😂


This was just after the controller had ended his session. Once I had taxied back to the gate, there was active ATC again.


I’m sorry about that BA though

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Thank you so much, I decided to leave these photos unedited.

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No worries, keep up the great shots!

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By the way @Manav_Suri, I saw how many times you had to do 360s before even being able to
land. Awesome.

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Oh that wasn’t awesome. It was because I was sleeping 😂😂😂

Interesting shots

Did you park at an international terminal by any chance? Unless Etihad and Delta are flying domestic of course.

I was at the domestic gates.

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Do you know KLM doesnt has a hub at EHRD? How could a ferry flight then be possible?
Just asking. Nice pics though💯

Yes, but they do fly there. I did this flight after I came from Innsbruck. I did the ferry flight to Schiphol so they could perform some maintenance on the aircraft.

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I know this isn’t a Transavia flight but I got the inspiration by watching one of my favourite YouTubers, mightymkl.