Fernando flight simulator

If you were wondering what I was doing in these weeks,

I was flying volaris planes.
(Tho I did other things but I scrapped the posts)
I flew a 24 hour flight from Shanghai to Buenos Aires
I flew another 20ish flight (22 hours, from Oslo to Perth)
Another one, Bogotá to Singapore.
Tho none of them were interesting.
Just more boring a350 flights that I do always.

And then…. I tried something new.

I flew the a320 family for the first time
Not joking.
It was pretty fun!
Then I tried the a319.
It had the volaris livery (which I love)
Did over 7 flights.
Consecutive a319 volaris flights.
Btw Fernando is the plane
Here are some photos of the best ones (3)

Flight info

Volaris a319, 2:00 2:06 1:15, mmgl-mmcz, mmpr - mmva, mslp- mmun

Flight 1

Nice mountains in Mexico

Flight 2

Beautiful beaches! (And a nice mountain)

Flight 3

A lake.
Yes it’s the only interesting thing I saw (tho I saw the beaches again, it’s already there so…)

The landings are on my channel :)

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And btw @DeerCrusher sorry for acting childishly
And thanks too, because if I could still edit my photos I would be thinking more about editing, not the photos themselves

I would like to know if anyone has had a stage like this ;)
Getting stuck to a plane lol


Currently going through a 737 phase, though how did you fly volaris without the a320 before then?

someone called his name

jokes aside, very nice screenshots. Love the variety of angles used in contrast to the usual ones from either the side or the back.


Cool shots, love the new style!

My favorite f1 driver ever…

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I literally haven’t flew volaris until two weeks ago lol
I meant that those were the flights I did when I fell into this a320 family phase

Fernando Alonso of course @Happymiata09 @AvChicken


Oh wow. You actually know lol

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I watch formula 1 every weekend lol

I absolutely love this car’s livery


he’s a good pilot.

He was my favorite driver until……


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Ah yes. Alonso Martin 💀

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oh yeah maybe don’t post MSFS stuff in here though

Oh ok, I’ll delete that