Fergus’ ATC Tracking Thread [CLOSED] @EGJJ [WRITTEN PASSED]

Hey guys, the title’s pretty self explanatory, but as my trainer is taking a break, I’ve decided to make a Tracking Thread so whilst he’s gone I can still work on my skills. See the message down below for information regarding the ping group. (Essentially just a group that get’s pinged everytime I open.)

Status: Closed

Server: Training

Airport: EGJJ

Frequencies: Ground and Tower

Time opening: N/A

Duration: 1 hour

Runway in Use: N/A

If you do come along, It’d be helpful if you could provide any feedback you may come up with and relay it back to me. Thanks for coming!

I’m going to create a ping group in this message, so either PM me or let me know on here if you’d like to be included.

Ping group: @Avaitor1 @BT_HANDLES @AviatorRyan @LordWizrak @centauridr


Count me in

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Count me in as well!

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Hey feel free to ping me! I can’t promise that I’ll show up every time but I’ll do my best.

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@BT_HANDLES @Avaitor1 @AviatorRyan @LordWizrak

Opening now for about 50 mins to an hour. Feel free to come by!

Feedback from HB-AID

Everything was great!

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I accidently misclicked on the clear to land, hence the correction. Just in case you were confused.

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How long more are you open for?

Unfortunately, I’ve just closed. About to change the info now.

Okay. Tag me for the future

I’ll be opening later though, so you might be able to pop down.

Opening now. For 50 mins to an hour. Pop down!

@AviatorRyan @centauridr @Avaitor1 @Aiden_Forusz @BT_HANDLES @LordWizrak

Edit: 10 mins left (17:05BST)

Further Edit: Closed! (17:14BST)


Hey sorry, I couldn’t make it the time zone difference really hits

Opening now. For 30-40 mins. Pop down!

@AviatorRyan @centauridr @Avaitor1 @Aiden_Forusz @BT_HANDLES @LordWizrak

Edit: Closed at 30 mins - No attendance.(1701BST)

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