Fennoscandia/Nordic Countries

Having the regions of Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Finland would give a new dimension to IF, since the terrain would have lots of mountains and it would be covered all the time with snow, plus some storms so as to reduce the visibility and winds.

The lack of liveries though, is another story.


Scandinavian countries will be great how Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland… .:-)


It would be great to have a large choice of regions from all around the world.


It would be great to have global flight. Or inter region flight.


Continents Region will be cool and for the long flight there will be great for each a mission how
EGGL - NYC etc

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If u are good for long flight how there took be qualifications for each Missions. :-)

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And as for training, taking off from one region, quitting and repeating the same for the destination region would be a good practice.

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yeah great idea as training, if there are u succsfully all trainings and then you can starting example 4 pilots @Sturmovik @EdT @turkish534 and @freakindeacon.
how GTA V you beginning with 4 multiplayer. :-)

Here are the liveries that we can use:

Iceland Air (757)

SAS A346, A330 and another smaller Airbus.

Norway region already requested here

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Why the KLM livery?

Doesn’t it say on the community guidelines that it’s only 1 request! ;)

I’m requesting a region, the Nordic region, which includes the countries listed above.

Sorry! My Bad!

I think we should wait for inter-region flights, and patiently wait for FDS to add pretty much the whole on earth on IF xD

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Well, I decided to go in front of FDS and make my own interregional flights. Its so tiring though.