Female captain at 26


It’s great how Women can have jobs typically associated with men, its a shame however that there are places where they can’t even drive cars though


Dare I say what country that is ? 🤐

Saudia Arabia

Glad to see that lady reaching her full potential at such a young age !


Exactly Saudi Arabia


Ah, Airbus pilot. You can make captain in one of those pretty quick right? Just remember to press the takeoff button, then the landing button. Training should be a breeze. Of course, this is a joke, no offense Airbus fans :-)


True dat lol


Well, it is Easyjet. They save money by not hiring more senior pilots.

Oy mate. Easyjet are doing their best to be a good airline, so their captains can’t be to bad can they?

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Easyjet is a low-cost carrier. It doesn’t matter if they want to be a good airline, they still have to cut costs. I have to say, they aren’t as bad as Ryanair, with some sources saying they promote captains at as young as 21…

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It means they have less experience however they are still fit to fly planes

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If they were to cut costs but trying to make the passengers have a good flight, that’s a good airline. i know easy jet are bad

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Oh it’s a duplicate… please search before posting.

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What’s the problem with their pilots? They are as well-trained as their colleague working for “regular” airlines.

I’m waiting for the source concerning the 21 year old captain.

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