FEMA FNF Suggestion.

Hello everybody, I hope this is the correct catagory, but I see a lot of people out in the Carolina’s Getting thrown around by the hurricane, but I’m sure as a lot of you are aware, especially Americans, the storm is going to devistate if not kill a lot of people, and I’m sure the relief funds and charities will be heating up again, I think it would be really cool if next week’s FNF could be from everybody’s prospective Home airport into 1 or 2 local Airports to the area, I’m sure we can find what the Nat Guard and ect would use, and run a thread for donations so we can donate as a group and represent the community, thanks for the the read guys.

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Hi! You may post this in Live but because of your trust level you can’t add events, so looks like suggestion here. I like the idea, let’s see if community managers will take something from it :)

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Thank you! Yea I wasn’t really interested in creating a fly out, more of a community driven thing, I even would’ve loved to have emailed Laura about it since I’ve done similar non profit worknin the past and stuff but I thought this may be the most effective way to get the idea out there.

We can’t choose FNF events hosting airport, but you may create events once you’re TL2 on the forum

To get TL2, you have to spend more time on this forum, read topics, posting productive and get likes. When you are member you can add your own event on the community. You may yet go to #Live:Events and look About the events category :)

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In the future that would be interesting for sure, but for this idea I’d really like to see it taken further by the staff if they’re interested to get the most support possible for the cause, this is going to be the largest storm in recorded history to make landfall this north, so I want to be as focused on raising money for this as making the flyable event or something for the more serious guys.

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There are a few reasons we haven’t held any Hurricane related events so far. This would be something that would need a lot of discussing first.

If you have any comments, please feel free to PM me!