Fellow E170/75 Flyers

Under the current game flight model of the E170/5 I fly them at around 85% full; It’s worse for the 175. Whether a short hop or long flight I’m finding it difficult to have sufficient fuel reserves and be able to land under my Maximum Landing Weight (MLW). When I factor in my MLW during planning I have just enough fuel for one approach. I doubt I would have enough for a missed approach or go around let alone an ATC hold.

What do y’all do? Plan for under MLW landing or just land over weight? It’s a very small margin. Its not like a B377 or A319 where you have a much greater landing weight and larger margin to play with


Try to step clump but take a smaller fuel reserve. You save fuel, but it just takes a little bit more time to get to that altitude. Also look for good headwinds. These will always help you if they blow in the right direction.😉

Any flights around 300nm I try to fly around 18-24k MSL and keep speeds no more than 270 KTS , I get a fuel burn of around 4500 lbs/hr

What route(s) do you normally fly with on the ERJ-175?

Lately around ATL to like CLT, AVL,TRI, HKY. I’ve tried to mimic Air Canada from San Diego to Vancouver or ATL to Toronto but those are special 175Ls so I don’t have enough fuel period unless mostly empty and max tank load

Do you ever step climb?

If it’s longer than a 40 min flight, yeah. I start at around FL260 to 280 maintaining 87% N1and hope to get to M .7 speed hope to get to .75 then step climb up as flight progresses depending if I have a head wind or not, each mission varies

I guess that a few holding patterns on your discretion like 60nm away from the airport would save you. At that distance you have a good estimation and you should be able to burn as much fuel as needed without worrying that you will not have enough to make a successful approach

I guess my biggest problem is landing under MLW while planning for go around without option 1 being F-It end flight

You should not be step climbing in an E175/E170. Most short hauls do not step climb regardless of the aircraft, especially if the fkight is under 600nm.

@Capt_Whiplash sounds like you are either having too much fuel or not enough. Can you specify which you run into more often and what you usually do in terms of altitude? To increase your range you should be at a higher altitude. You may have higher thrust but your will be burning less fuel if you are at the proper altitude. Being at FL260 sounds like it is not high enough and you can get to FL280/290 regardless of your weight in the E jets

Oh, I thought you were talking about Maximum Landing weight, not minimum. Sorry

Please specify what you mean by MLW. I’m really confused

Sorry, I was talking about maximum landing weight lol sorry for any confusion. Unless it’s a “long flight” where mentioning before that RL some 175s have been modified for long range that you can’t do in game for modeling after original E Jets I’ve usually got plenty of fuel to do the mission and have reserves but sometimes I don’t loose enough weight to get under my maximum landing weight; sometimes not until on final.

I’m sorry if I’m not making sense

What makes it more difficult is when you use SIM Brief it wants your descent at last min and not at published SID / STARS. When your 25nm + out and you need to be at around 12k feet then slowing to 180 as you get closer to 6k while in the pattern, especially having to go to the “other end” of the field, well burns lots of fuel :-)

Yeah, it’s as confusing as doing algebra with Roman numerals

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Btw when your fuel remaining turns yellow but your HUD has not yet said “min fuel” are you still “legal” i.e. A Q400 turns yellow at 1 hr 30 min but you got plenty of fuel to fly to 3 separate alternates and do 3 attempts at landing each lol

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