Fell Through The Ground TWICE!

Hi everyone!

So I was trying to do a flight out of EDDM to EGLL but when I was taxing out to the runway the nose of the plane fell through the taxiway. I knew that clearing scenery cache typically fixes this issue, so that is what I did. I then restarted the flight and did the process over again. This time when I fell through the whole aircraft began falling through the ground so I immediately ended my flight in order to not acquire violations. I then tried to spawn into solo mode to set some pictures but fell through the ground even at the gate.

I was not sure what the next step is in a situation like this. Any help is appreciated!

Happy flying!

Schyllberg said when this occurs, the scenery stream from there servers to your device becomes corrupt for some reason.Clear your cache.That will hopefully solve it

  • Clearing Your Scenery Cache. (Settings > General > Clear Scenery Cache > Yes)

That in most cases solves the problem. If that doesn’t work try:

  • Re-installing Infinite Flight completely.
  • Restarting Your Device.

The same thing happened to me. But, try and spawn into any other gate. Looks like the Terrain is failing to load. Also try spawning into a different airport and then, switch it back to your previous airport.

Let me know if anything changed. And keep trying. @Captain_Finck

Looks like this did the trick! Thanks for the help everybody!