Fell Through Floor on Takeoff

Today I was about to fly from Adelaide to Brisbane in a Virgin Australia B737-800. I had started my takeoff roll (with HDG on to see if it worked during takeoff) on runway 23 at Adelaide and just before V1 everything went south and my 737 fell through the runway. After falling through the runway, I was then unable to leave the underworld, just thought people should know about this bug. See the attached screenshot to see the Infinite Flight Underworld.

Kind Regards, Ryan.

Hi there! To solve your problem,you should probably clear the scenery cache. To clear it,go to settings,and click on general,then click clear scenery cache.



We are so sorry you are experiencing issues with Infinite Flight. In order to fix your problem try these:

  • Clearing your Scenery Cache (Settings -> General -> Clear Scenery Cache)
  • Closing all apps running in the background.
  • Close Infinite Flight
  • Uninstalling then Reinstalling Infinite Flight.

In rare cases, if the above fails at a solution you may need to:

  • Reboot your Device (Power off then back on)
  • Factory Reset your Device
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I think I had the same issue just now. I was taxing out to 28L at San Francisco and all of the sudden my plane banked to the left and fell through the tarmac. It said I crashed and I had to restart my flight. Definitely a weird bug.I am using the 787-8

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